The angels are hired to find a serial killer who murders disadvantaged old men that ride the buses.  All three victims were seen near Freddie's Disco on the nights they were killed.

Sabrina goes undercover as a reporter, Kelly as a record company rep and Kris as a danci instructor.  Kelly visits Harry Owens house, the DJ from Freddies Disco to try and check his alibi on the night of the last murder.  Harry begins to get violent and is saved when Harrys father turns up.

Mr Haston, the owner of Freddies, finds out that the angels are detectives and assumes they have been hired by his wife to try and catch him cheating.  They explain that they are looking for the bus killer and he agrees to help them.

When Kris and Kelly go to talk to Harry they find a recording playing in his DJ box and Harry missing.  They search for Harry along the beach and find him just as he is about to strangle another elderly person.